2017 Okanagan Rankings

**as of June 17, 2017**

“Mad Dog” Marty Sugar
(defeated Eddie Osbourne on May 21, 2017 in Kelowna, BC)

(defeated Collin Cutler on May 12, 2017 in Kelowna, BC)

“Hurricane” Adam Ryder
(defeated Michael More on May 23, 2015 in Enderby, BC)

1. “Top Drawer” Michael More
2. Black Dragon
3. “Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler
4. “Dastardly” Danni Deeds
5. Jayce D’Arcy
6. “The Lover” Don Hellion
7. “Your Wrestling Extraordinaire” Aiden Adams (-1)
8. Nathan Kabe (+5)
9. Matt XStatic
10. Todd Quality (-1)
11. Bambi Hall (+8)
12. Xavier Galaxy (+2)
13. Eddie Osbourne (-5)
14. “The Hybrid” Clark Connors (-3)
15. T-Shock
16. Haviko (-4)
17. Judas Icarus (-1)
18. Nolan James (-1)
19. Kyle Sebastian (-1)
20. Slave (NR)

JUNE WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Marty Sugar (3-1 on the month)
JUNE MATCH: Dragon/Deeds/Hellion/D’Arcy/XStatic/More, Six-Way (June 16, Kelowna)

MAY WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: SHREDDZ (6-1 on the month, 3x TV Champion)
MAY MATCH OF THE MONTH: Adam Ryder vs. Kyle Sebastian (May 27, Penticton)

APRIL WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: SHREDDZ (undefeated with 3 big singles wins)
APRIL MATCH OF THE MONTH: Shreddz vs. Shotgun, Loser Leaves Town (April 7, Kelowna)

MARCH WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Michael More (3-1 on the Month; won K5 Medallion)
MARCH MATCH OF THE MONTH: Ryder vs. XStatic vs. Kasaki (March 18, Penticton)

FEBRUARY WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Black Dragon (2-0-1 on the Month)
FEBRUARY MATCH OF THE MONTH: Mad Dog vs. More, Last Man Standing (Feb. 24, Vernon)

JANUARY WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Michael More (2-1 on the Month)
JANUARY MATCH OF THE MONTH: Adam Ryder vs. Matt XStatic (Jan. 27, Vernon)

(+??) — spots a wrestler climbed UP the Top 20.
(-??) — spots a wrestler fell DOWN the Top 20.
(NR) — NOT RANKED the month before in the Top 20.
(FC) — FORMER CHAMPION now ranked in the Top 20.

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