2018 Okanagan Wrestling Results

Big West Wrestling presents BIG TROUBLE: January 19, 2018
Lake City Bowling & Billiards: Kelowna, BC
1. Joe Funk pinned Sean Gaston.
2. TAG TEAM CHALLENGE: Camaro Cope & Davey Deals defeated Bambi Hall & Marty Sugar after Deals chokeslammed Sugar…and then chokeslammed Cope, to remind him their brief “friendship” is very much over!
3. Slave interrupted Ryan Orion’s “Constellation Conversation” and knocked the brash youngster out, leading straight to…
4. The Mauler defeated Slave in a violent encounter.
5. Adam Ryder pinned Todd Quality in a hard-hitting “Match Of The Night.”
6. Black Dragon defeated the debuting T-Rex…an actual 7-foot tall dinosaur!?!?!
7. Jayce D’Arcy pinned Michael More to become the NEW Big West Television Champion…only for a ring-rocking brawl to ensue (involving Quality, Ryder and The Mauler), allowing Ryan Orion time enough to distract D’Arcy so More could clock the new champion with the Okanagan Cup and cash in the K5 Medallion to immediately become two-time Big West Television Champion!

Thrash Wrestling presents COLD BLOODED: January 20, 2018
Schubert Centre: Vernon, BC
1. TRIPLE-THREAT: Bambi Hall defeated Black Dragon and Jayce D’Arcy, to retain the Okanagan-Interior Title.
2. “Top Quality” attempted to injure Collin Cutler during the “More’s Mic” segment, but Camaro Cope & Slave made the save!
3. Sean Gaston pinned Joe Funk.
4. TAG TEAM CHALLENGE: TOP QUALITY (Michael More & Todd Quality) defeated Camaro Cope & Slave to cement their status as Number Contenders to the TW Tag Titles.
5. “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar pinned Davey Deals.
6. Adam Ryder defeated The Mauler to retain the Thrash Wrestling Title, then payed homage to his mentor and the two warriors hugged in the ring to end the show.

Big West Wrestling presents BAD TO THE BONE: February 16, 2018
Lake City Bowling & Billiards: Kelowna, BC
1. Slave defeated Joe Funk.
2. Sean Gaston used a handful of pants to pin Mean Machine, Sr.
3. Todd Quality (w/Ryan Orion) defeated Jayce D’Arcy via countout.
4. “Top Drawer” Michael More defeated “The Lover” Don Hellion to retain the Big West Television Title, after interference from both Quality and Orion; D’Arcy made the save, after the match!
5. INTERSPECIES TAG MATCH: Marty Sugar & Scarlett Black defeated Black Dragon & T-Rex, when Black pinned Dragon after Sugar interference.
6. NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH: Camaro Cope tapped out Davey Deals, in a thrilling contest.

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