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2018 Okanagan Wrestling Results

Big West Wrestling presents BIG TROUBLE: January 19, 2018
Lake City Bowling & Billiards: Kelowna, BC
1. Joe Funk pinned Sean Gaston.
2. TAG TEAM CHALLENGE: Camaro Cope & Davey Deals defeated Bambi Hall & Marty Sugar after Deals chokeslammed Sugar…and then chokeslammed Cope, to remind him their brief “friendship” is very much over!
3. Slave interrupted Ryan Orion’s “Constellation Conversation” and knocked the brash youngster out, leading straight to…
4. The Mauler defeated Slave in a violent encounter.
5. Adam Ryder pinned Todd Quality in a hard-hitting “Match Of The Night.”
6. Black Dragon defeated the debuting T-Rex…an actual 7-foot tall dinosaur!?!?!
7. Jayce D’Arcy pinned Michael More to become the NEW Big West Television Champion…only for a ring-rocking brawl to ensue (involving Quality, Ryder and The Mauler), allowing Ryan Orion time enough to distract D’Arcy so More could clock the new champion with the Okanagan Cup and cash in the K5 Medallion to immediately become two-time Big West Television Champion!

Thrash Wrestling presents COLD BLOODED: January 20, 2018
Schubert Centre: Vernon, BC
1. TRIPLE-THREAT: Bambi Hall defeated Black Dragon and Jayce D’Arcy, to retain the Okanagan-Interior Title.
2. “Top Quality” attempted to injure Collin Cutler during the “More’s Mic” segment, but Camaro Cope & Slave made the save!
3. Sean Gaston pinned Joe Funk.
4. TAG TEAM CHALLENGE: TOP QUALITY (Michael More & Todd Quality) defeated Camaro Cope & Slave to cement their status as Number Contenders to the TW Tag Titles.
5. “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar pinned Davey Deals.
6. Adam Ryder defeated The Mauler to retain the Thrash Wrestling Title, then payed homage to his mentor and the two warriors hugged in the ring to end the show.

Big West Wrestling presents BAD TO THE BONE: February 16, 2018
Lake City Bowling & Billiards: Kelowna, BC
1. Slave defeated Joe Funk.
2. Sean Gaston used a handful of pants to pin Mean Machine, Sr.
3. Todd Quality (w/Ryan Orion) defeated Jayce D’Arcy via countout.
4. “Top Drawer” Michael More defeated “The Lover” Don Hellion to retain the Big West Television Title, after interference from both Quality and Orion; D’Arcy made the save, after the match!
5. INTERSPECIES TAG MATCH: Marty Sugar & Scarlett Black defeated Black Dragon & T-Rex, when Black pinned Dragon after Sugar interference.
6. NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH: Camaro Cope tapped out Davey Deals, in a thrilling contest.

Thrash Wrestling presents PASS THE ASSAULT: March 9, 2018
Schubert Centre: Vernon, BC
1. “Big Sexy Beast” Bradley Graham pinned “Dastardly” Danni Deeds.
2. Sean Gaston used a handful of tights to pin the debuting Jumping Josh.
3. MORE’S MIC: Adam Ryder announced he was forced to vacate the Thrash Wrestling Title after suffering a severe leg injury, leading to a skirmish between himself and “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar. Sugar attacked Ryder’s injured leg and attempted to put Ryder through a table, but Cougar Meat made the save. It was also announced a Four-Way Match in Penticton on April 7 would determine a new TW Champion, with Sugar automatically qualifying for said match.
4. FATAL FOUR-WAY: Davey Deals defeated Black Dragon, Camaro Cope & Jayce D’Arcy to earn a shot at the vacant TW Title on April 7.
5. INTERGENDER TAG MATCH: Marty Sugar & Scarlett Black defeated Angelica & Sidney Steele.
6. Matt XStatic defeated Slave.
7. TAG TEAM MATCH: COUGAR MEAT (Collin Cutler & Kyle Sebastian) defeated TOP QUALITY (Michael More & Todd Quality w/Ryan Orion) to retain the TW Tag Team Titles.

Big West Wrestling presents HURTS SO GOOD: March 16, 2018
Lake City Bowling & Billiards: Kelowna, BC
1. Slave defeated Todd Quality after interference from Michael More & Ryan Orion backfired.
2. T-Rex defeated Scarlett Black (w/Marty Sugar) via DQ; a post-match scuffle between Sugar and referee, Ace Redmann, Jr. saw Redmann drop Sugar with a Sling Blade…only for Marty to challenge the referee (and trainee) to find a partner for a Tag Match on April 13!
3. The Constellation Conversation saw Ryan Orion interview “Dastardly” Danni Deeds…who announced he’d bought controlling interest in Big West! His match with Collin Cutler never officially started, as the two brawled and were eventually separated by the locker-room…
4. Matt XStatic defeated Sean Gaston.
5. TAG TEAM MATCH: Black Dragon & Jayce D’Arcy defeated Davey Deals & Joe Funk.
6. Michael More defeated Camaro Cope to retain the Big West Television Title; D’Arcy saved Cope from a post-match assault, and the two challenged Top Quality to a Tag Match on April 13.

2018 Okanagan Rankings

**as of February 17, 2018**

“Top Drawer” Michael More
(defeated Jayce D’Arcy on January 19, 2018 in Kelowna, BC)

(Adam Ryder had to vacate the title due to injury on March 9, 2018)

Bambi Hall
(defeated Marty Sugar on September 2, 2017 in Penticton, BC)

1. Black Dragon (+2)
2. “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar (-1)
3. Jayce D’Arcy (-1)
4. Davey Deals (+4)
5. Todd Quality
6. Slave
7. Sean Gaston
8. Camaro Cope (-4)
9. Matt XStatic (+8)
10. Adam Ryder (FC)
11. “Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler (NR)
12. Scarlett Black (+2)
13. Joe Funk (-3)
14. SHREDDZ (-5)
15. “Dastardly” Danni Deeds (-2)
16. Kyle Sebastian (NR)
17. T-Rex (-2)
18. “The Lover” Don Hellion (-7)
19. The Mauler (-7)
20. “Big Sexy Beast” Bradley Graham (NR)

MARCH WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Matt XStatic (3-0 on the month)
MARCH MATCH OF THE MONTH: Cougar Meat vs. Top Quality (March 10, Penticton)

FEBRUARY MATCH OF THE MONTH: Camaro Cope vs. Davey Deals (Feb. 16, Kelowna)

JANUARY WRESTLER OF THE MONTH: Adam Ryder (2-0 on the Month)
JANUARY MATCH OF THE MONTH: Adam Ryder vs. Todd Quality (Jan. 19, Kelowna)

(+??) — spots a wrestler climbed UP the Top 20.
(-??) — spots a wrestler fell DOWN the Top 20.
(NR) — NOT RANKED the month before in the Top 20.
(FC) — FORMER CHAMPION now ranked in the Top 20.

The Kid Calls The Shots

photo by Eric Wolaniuk

“Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler made his long-awaited return to Big West Wrestling on October 13 at the NIGHTMARE ON HWY 97 event; absent since June when he was inexplicably attacked in the parking lot, Cutler had been refused to even attend live wrestling events for fear of further post-concussion issues. Last month we learned from local authorities that “Dastardly” Danni Deeds was the man who attacked Cutler, and Mike Chisholm had promised that Friday the 13th would be Deeds’ day of reckoning.

But while Deeds was expecting a fine, and had lawyers on standby in case he was fired, Chisholm went a different route: the Big West Managing Partner reminded us all that his job is to manage the business, not deal in the ring with wrestlers that may or may not get out of control. So he decided the best course of action was to create a new position in Big West: a Head of Talent Relations, one who knows this business inside and out, and doesn’t have a problem dealing with the egos that are prevalent in every wrestling locker room. That man is the Cougar Meat Kid, himself!

Yes indeed, until Cutler is medically cleared to return to the ring (and as he stated, that date is still a definite unknown), Collin’s involvement will only be as an official…and he wasted no time, interjecting himself as the Special Referee in Danni’s match with rookie Camaro Cope! As to be expected, animosity was running high between Deeds and Cutler, and that was all Cope needed to seize an advantage to score the biggest victory of his young career.

As Deeds fumed, and most certainly skulked off to plot some Dastardly form of revenge, Cutler celebrated his trainee’s impressive victory. The landscape of Big West has clearly changed with Collin Cutler at the helm, and while the future is uncertain…it certainly got a whole lot cuter.

Words And Deeds

October 13 is fast approaching and Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm, has promised a final decision will be made on the fate of “Dastardly” Danni Deeds and his Big West Wrestling career. As we all saw at 2 HOT 2 HANDLE on August 18, Deeds lost his temper after losing his chance to regain the Big West Television Title, and dropped Chisholm with a nasty stunner.

Obviously, the Board of Directors felt Deeds needed some time off from this overheated situation, and he was noticeably absent from the SICK OF YOU IV event on September 15…but he was still a hot topic of discussion, as Big West was informed by local authorities that he was pegged as the person who attacked Collin Cutler back before the BOWL-A-RAMA III event on June 16. Cutler still has not been medically cleared to wrestle after that assault, and his absence has been strongly felt both in the ring and as a locker room leader.

This has made the Deeds situation even more concerning than it was, and Big West has some serious things to consider in regards to Deeds’ future involvement with the company. While it’s easy for an outsider to say “Well, so-and-so used to attack the boss all the time back in the day,” this is 2017 and wrestling attitudes, ideas and behaviors are always changing and evolving.

Regardless of management’s decision, Deeds will not have an easy night: he is slated to face talented rookie, Camaro Cope, who demanded the match after learning Deeds had injured his trainer and mentor. Win or lose, the NIGHTMARE ON HWY 97 event on October 13 could have a frightening conclusion for Danni Deeds.

Deeds Decision Determined

After an extended week of deliberation, it has been decided that Danni Deeds has been suspended indefinitely for his August 18 show-ending assault on Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm. While it is understood that Deeds was frustrated with not becoming three-time Big West Television Champion at the 2 HOT 2 HANDLE event, the assault of any non-wrestling member of Big West Wrestling is completely unacceptable, in any context.

Chisholm will address this issue further, live at SICK OF YOU 4 on September 15 at Lake City Bowling.

Fade To Black

At the Abbotsford Agrifair during the August long-weekend, a potential new dynasty was created that could change the entire landscape of the Okanagan wrestling scene.

Seemingly out of the blue, Scarlett Black was teamed up with Jayce D’Arcy and “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, and the “Okanagan Wrecking Crew” proceeded to run roughshod over any and all tag teams that were thrown their way: finishing the weekend an unprecedented 6-0 as a tandem. Things were looking up, until we learned that Marty Sugar would be out for the rest of the month with an injured left rotator cuff.

Not only does this put “The Crew” in jeopardy as far as future tag matches both in and outside the Okanagan, it throws a monkey wrench into Ms. Black’s professional wrestling debut: she was slated to team with Sugar and Davey Deals in a six-person tag match on Friday, August 18, against the trio of Camaro Cope, Liiza Hall, and T-Shock. But Scarlett didn’t even bat an eye, when BIGWESTWRESTLING.COM asked if the team had found a replacement for the injured Mad Dog.

With a devilish smirk, the confident redhead simply uttered a single word before walking away from her interviewer…


Big West Wrestling presents 2 HOT 2 HANDLE on Friday, August 18 at Lake City Bowling. All ages event. Doors at 7:30pm. DONT’CHA DARE MISS IT!

We’re Halfway There…

Canada Day unofficially marks the halfway-point of 2017, and this has been shaping up as the busiest wrestling year in Okanagan history. With our successful return to the annual Rutland May Days, Big West has been busier than ever; and despite the questionable weather patterns, this summer could be the hottest on record as far as wrestling action is concerned!

Let’s take a moment to look at the movers and shakers of the first half of 2017, shall we?

The three-time Big West Television Champion is back on top, not only of the rankings…but in the hearts and minds of the Big West fans. The Shreddiez are loud and proud of their purple-powered wrestling machine. Salty The Seaman has also proven a hit, and the debuting “Golden” Graham Campbell really captured the crowd’s attention in June.

This could be our most hotly-contested annual award, by the time December rolls around: Michael More and his loud-mouthed sidekick, Todd Quality, get showered in boos every month; and the fans were not happy when Collin Cutler capitalized on an injured Danni Deeds to become three-time Television Champion in April. But with Shotgun Stevens out of the picture, Xavier Galaxy has gladly filled the void when it comes to the category of cocky, egotistical youngster on the rise.

“The Lover” has nearly a decade of experience, but has never had a chance to reach his full potential in Big West…until now, as he finally gets his first shot at a championship. Can the powerful Lothario take that next step to greatness on July 14? Others showing promise are Xavier Galaxy, as he has been excelling in singles competition, and Joe Funk has shown promise since losing the “Wildkard” mask and persona.

This will be another year-end Battle Royale, as the Wild Okanagan Wrestling school is working hard to create some new stars in the region, and so many new faces have also shown up from other parts of the province. Nathan Kabe has exploded onto the scene, and Davey Deals has shown potential; but D’Arcy has the slim advantage right now.

MATCH OF THE YEAR: Shotgun vs. Shreddz (Loser Leaves Town: April 7)
There have been more matches than ever in Big West this year, but this battle displayed a ton of energy, animosity, and raw emotion that had the whole crowd on the edge of their seats. Marty Sugar declared it the best match he’s ever scene in the Okanagan: high praise, indeed!

You don’t have to like Michael More and Todd Quality (the noise you fans collectively make when they hit the ring already proves that), but you cannot deny their success. After losing their inaugural tag match, to the veteran combo of Black Dragon and Salty, they have dominated the Big West tag team ranks. A match with the upstart Tokyo Raiders on July 14 could truly cement the team’s greatness.

Injuries kept Shreddz from reaching his full potential in 2016, but this year he has done more than simply regain the form that saw him become 2015 Big West Wrestler Of The Year: he has surpassed it. Six victories in May alone, including five Television Title defenses, statistically making him the most dominant champion in company history? And even with Michael More breathing down his neck, Shreddz is determined to make 2017 his year.

And let’s not end without touching on the big storylines heading into the summer: who attacked Collin Cutler with that steel pipe last month? And what is the Big News that Mike Chisholm has in store for us? Can Danni Deeds become a three-time “Intellectual” Champion…and if so, how Dastardly will he become to achieve that goal?

Buckle up, fans: it’s going to be a wild ride!

Championship Controversy: Resolved?

As mentioned on Saturday, the Television Title showdown between Mike Shreddz and Collin Cutler on May 12 at HURTS SO 6OOD ending in controversy: specifically for the 15:00 time-limit being exceeded.

Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm has reviewed the footage and talked to everyone involved, and has made the following rulings on the matter:

1. Mike Shreddz will NOT be stripped of the Big West Television Title; the referee’s final decision will stand.
2. Collin Cutler WILL be granted a rematch at the time and place of his choosing.
3. Ring Announcer, Handsome Pete, has been suspended for the entire May Days long weekend, for failing to adhere to his timekeeping duties.
4. Marty Sugar has been fined an undisclosed amount; more for his unprofessional comments about the situation, than for the incident itself.

Ironically, Sugar’s actions have cost him more than money: at BOWL-A-RAMA 3 on June 16, the winner of the bowling tournament was guaranteed a shot at the Big West Television Title, but Shreddz had already booked that weekend off for vacation. Now, Sugar will be the one putting his Okanagan-Interior Title on the line that very night!

Championship Controversy

On Friday, May 12, Big West fans were witness to an excellent Main Event for the Big West Television Title that saw Mike Shreddz defeat Collin Cutler, joining Cutler and KC Andrews as only the third three-time Champion in company history. But the match was not without controversy, as witnessed by this social media comment by Cutler, himself:

Rumour has it, that Danni Deeds immediately made the comment: “Wait, we get automatic title rematches in Big West?”

Historically, Big West has not been kind to former champions: Cremator Von Slasher‘s record-breaking title reign of terror ended with the 6-10 monster never returning to the company; Kyle Sebastian never received a rematch after losing to Cremator, and Marty Sugar never received a one-on-one rematch after losing to Danni Deeds. Deeds himself never received a one-on-one rematch after both of his title reigns; and Deeds is one of the few champions in company history to actively go out of his way to give the former champion, Shotgun Stevens, a rematch…but even Stevens never had an immediate one, as the first title defense of Deeds’ reign was determined by a show-opening Battle Royale in January.

And now Mike Shreddz is slated for the same, as his first title defense comes on May 19 at Rutland May Days…and is determined by the winner of the 2017 Grapple Bowl that very evening. But there’s more controversy in this scenario.

The Big West Television Title has a specific rule in that it is defended within the confines of a 15:00 time limit. Cutler was able to survive that timeframe, only to have Big West founder, Marty Sugar, demand a five-minute “overtime period” be put in place. Shreddz made short work of overtime, though, locking Cutler in a crossface for the submission victory. But there are questions as to the actual match time, itself. To be fair, bell to bell clocks in at just under 20 minutes, before the bell was rung to acknowledge a time-limit draw. Sugar defended his decision, though:

“Cutler spent a good two minutes at the start of the match, AT LEAST, walking around ringside shooting his mouth off and then doing that annoying striptease bit,” Sugar stated, “so I had no qualms telling Handsome Pete [Big West’s ring announcer], to let the clock drag a little.”

“To be fair,” Sugar added, “I was more preoccupied with Mike Rizzo magically showing up as the Main Event started–AGAIN–to care that the time-limit had been exceeded.”

While Sugar is no longer in charge of showtime decisions within the company, he was filling in for Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm, who had a prior engagement on May 12. Chisholm has promised to review the tape before making a final comment on this whole situation. Stay tuned for updates.

Somebody’s Gotta Go

“This town isn’t big enough for the both of us…”

For three-plus years, fans have come to expect the unexpected from Mike Shreddz when he has something to say; but when the purple-haired powerhouse angrily grabbed the microphone after his Television Title tilt on March 10 at R3ACH FOR THE SKY, nobody ever expected such an epic stipulation.

Loser. Leaves. Town.

Three words that have long instilled fear in any professional wrestler’s heart: to have everything come down to one match. This isn’t a championship opportunity that can possibly be earned again down the road, or a slip in the Top Ten rankings that can be regained with a little hard work: this is a man’s livelihood at stake.

But there stood Mike Shreddz, his eyes wild with rage and his body racked with pain after Shotgun Stevens had interjected himself into the Television Title Triple-Threat Match to take Shreddz out of the equation. While Danni Deeds would ultimately survive the match by pinning Shotgun’s mentor, Collin Cutler, it was the post-match showdown that grabbed everyone’s attention. Because with ten simple words, Shreddz had challenged Shotgun to join him in putting their Big West Wrestling careers in jeopardy. And while Shotgun initially was talking tough at ringside, his arrogant tone faltered ever so slightly when Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm, made the match official for IT’S ALL ABOUT RESPECT VI on April 7 at Lake City Bowling.

Since 2015, Shotgun and Shreddz have seen their careers intertwined: two amazing young talents with worlds of potential. Maybe in an alternate universe they could’ve been the most dominant tag team in B.C. wrestling history; but here in Big West they have been waging war from Day One, with epic matches and a rivalry that has wreaked havoc throughout the Okanagan…and beyond. But why would Chisholm agree to send one of Big West’s best and brightest packing?

“It actually wasn’t hard to go along with the idea,” Chisholm said.

“These guys have been making [Big West management] pull our hair out for two years now…officials have been hurt, rules have been disregarded, property has been damaged…because these two just don’t like each other. We are just sick and tired of it.”

Indeed. Shotgun costing Shreddz the title on March 10 isn’t a new phenomenon: ever since Shreddz bested Shotgun on June 19, 2015, to retain the Big West Television Title (a match chosen as the 2015 Match Of The Year), the two have been orbiting each other in a universe of pain and destruction. Shotgun cost Shreddz the 2016 Rutland Rumble; Shreddz cost Shotgun both the 2015 and 2016 Okanagan Cup tournaments. Shotgun gave Shreddz a concussion on December 11, 2015, and then took him out with a shoulder injury this past July 15; Shreddz cost Shotgun the Television Title back on November 11.

“We are in the ‘Professional Wrestling’ business,” Chisholm stated, “and these guys haven’t been very professional. The logical solution is that one of them goes away.”

“Plus,” Chisholm added with a smile, “it will make for a very, very entertaining match.”

But who has the edge? Shotgun has youth and size on his side, but Shreddz has power and the ever-present Shreddiez that have routinely inspired him to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The two men have had similar top-tier success in the Okanagan: they both have had extended runs as Big West Television Champion, they both have won the Rutland Rumble, they both have been named Newcomer and Wrestler Of The Year; they both have had Main Event and show-stealing matches at Invasion Weekends. And both of them are too stubborn to give an inch.

One thing is clear: when the dust settles on April 7, someone’s time in Big West is up.