As mentioned a few days ago, Big West management was bombarded with complaints and controversy after the 2015 Year-End Awards were announced. Granted, much of the controversy and online furor was caused by all three members of the Adult Social Society (Collin Cutler, Shotgun Stevens and Mike Rizzo), but the fans also weighed in with their comments and concerns. Big West management firmly stands behind all of the award-winners of 2015, and no changes whatsoever will be made; however, going forward a new cumulative system will be put in place to show the fans and the wrestlers just how certain conclusions will eventually be made when 2016 comes to a close.

Each month, in our RANKINGS section, we will include our “Three Stars” and our “Match Of The Month” winners, with explanations as to why those choices were made. It will be an excellent way for both the fans and the wrestlers to see who stacks up, as the year progresses.

Good luck to all of our competitors in 2016!

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