Hellion debuted on February 20, 2015, a masked madman under the control of Rigor Von Slasher. As part of the House Of Hell, Hellion found himself embroiled that year in a violent feud with Thrash Wrestling mainstays, “Top Drawer” Michael More and Slave. Injuries would hinder Hellion’s visits to Kelowna; when he returned in 2016, he had transformed into an unmasked loverboy…to the shock of everyone. Hellion is a talented competitor, who looks to finish up 2016 strong, and make serious waves in Big West in 2017.

Diablo debuted at the 2013 Rutland May Days, and wowed the crowds with his high-flying athleticism. Routinely the underdog, the diminutive El Diablo was sure to give it his all in the ring, win or lose. The 2013 Newcomer Of The Year will fondly be remembered as one of the most exciting wrestlers in company history.

Rigor Von Slasher was in the very first match in company history: November 11, 2011, when he lost to the much larger Mean Machine, Sr. Not to take the loss quietly, Rigor quickly recruited big brother Cremator to avenge the loss; and Cremator did, quickly and painfully. This opened the floodgates of evil, as Rigor first attacked Big West with his Von Slasher family, and later his menagerie of freaks known as The House of Hell. Along the way, feuding with the likes of “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, Mike Shreddz, and the “Thrash Wrestling Originals,” Rigor would manage two of the longest-reigning Big West Television Champions in history, and twice be named Big West’s Most Hated.

The son of the original Mean Machine, “Junior” found himself in a high-profile feud in 2015 against Krystal, and became the self-professed “chairman” of Big West Wrestling. While never the most successful wrestlers, on paper, the Mean Machines are never a group to be taken lightly. After being embarrassed at the 2016 Rutland Rumble, the Machines are laying low…but for how long?

Galaxy debuted on January 20, 2016, losing a K5 Qualifying Match to the much larger Shotgun Stevens. After taking a moment to regroup, the controversial rookie returned in May with a vengeance: he instantly targeted such veterans as Black Dragon and “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, and was able to embarrass them both this year. Galaxy and his “Constellation” tag partner, “Black” Jack Nelson, would also defeat the self-professed Big West World Tag Champions, the Purple Wizards, in August; sending that popular duo into an emotional tailspin. Meanwhile, his feud with The Mad Dog and their “Trick Or Treat” Match in October was something else. Big things are surely on the horizon for Galaxy, throughout the province, in 2017.

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