cutlerThe least-surprised person in the building at BIRTHDAY BASH V on November 11 was Collin Cutler, when his name was announced by Mike Chisholm as The Best Of The Quinquennium. A two-time Big West Television Champion, Cutler holds the career records for days as champion (335) and career title defenses (6), as well most career matches (66) and victories (33) to date.

Nobody has been had more “Match Of The Year” contenders than Collin, an award he won in 2014; and while never being named “Wrestler Of The Year” (which he hates being reminded of), nobody has been a runner-up more often. Cutler has also had some amazing feuds in the past five years, with the likes of Adam Ryder, Kyle Sebastian, KC Andrews, Justin Alexander, Mike Shreddz…and most-recently, with Matt XStatic: a feud that raised the bar as far as athleticism and match-quality within the company is concerned.

Cutler started as a tag team competitor, and his partnerships with Adam Fedky, Kyle Sebastian, Shotgun Stevens and Bambi Hall have definitely been successful: both here in the Okanagan, and throughout the province. But Collin’s rise as a singles star cannot be denied. A mainstay on the Okanagan scene since his debut in 2008, Cutler has held every championship the Okanagan has to offer, and has become a true mentor to the younger stars coming up the ranks.

Love him or hate him, Collin Cutler is–without question–the greatest wrestlers in the history of Big West Wrestling. Congratulations!

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