martyThe founder of the company, “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar has been with Big West Wrestling since Day One. A former Big West Champion for 138 days in 2014, Mad Dog is better known for his violent feuds with the likes of such unlikable characters as Cremator Von Slasher, The Texecutioner, Mutato, Xavier Galaxy…and most notably, KC Andrews: twice voted Big West Feud Of The Year, and one that raged from 2011 until Andrews left the company (and the province), in 2014.

Marty has had successful tag team runs with the likes of Andy Bird and Mike Shreddz, and is a former Rutland Rumble and Okanagan Cup winner. He has also been involved in some of the more colorful and creative matches in Okanagan wrestling history, such as a Bodybag Match with Cremator, a Bullrope Match with Tex, a Shock-Collar Match with Andrews, a “Trick Or Treat” Match with Galaxy, and numerous Dog-Collar Matches.

Sugar’s biggest battle now seems to be behind the scenes, however, as he has recently been butting heads with Mike Chisholm; Mike is the “Managing Partner” of Big West, but Sugar has still had a hand in some controversial decisions as of late…including violently firing referee, Nick Randell, which has lead to a lawsuit against the company. Only time will tell how this one plays out!

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