shreddzWithout question, no wrestler has ever been as popular in Big West history than Shreddz. With his purple mohawk, his chiseled physique, and his infectious energy, Mike has accumulated a following of SHREDDIEZ faithful that is the backbone of the Big West fanbase.

Shreddz exploded on the scene in 2014, quickly becoming Newcomer Of The Year. In 2015 he was a dominant choice for Wrestler Of The Year, having amazing matches with Bishop, Collin Cutler and the “Match Of The Year” with Shotgun Stevens. He also became a two-time champion in 2015, winning the biggest title match in company history at Kelowna Invasion IV on April 10, 2015, in front of over 500 fans at an overstuffed Rutland Centennial Hall.

2016 has not been kind to Shreddz, as injuries have left him on the shelf for much of the year. He has had two MOTY candidates with Matt XStatic, however; and has vowed on November 11 to not only return to Big West…but return with a vengeance, to punish Shotgun Stevens for injuring him in the first place!

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