dragonBlack Dragon has been referred to as “The Living Legend” in the Okanagan, and with good reason: debuting in 1987, very few wrestlers in Western Canada can claim to have traveled and done more in this business than this man.

It’s easy for younger generations to forget, or simply be completely clueless, but Black Dragon’s contributions to this business are legendary: year after year he was considered the best wrestler in the entire Pacific Northwest, as his exploits from Vancouver to Portland were legendary…both in and out of the ring. And how many indy wrestlers do you know are credited with kick-starting the career of Chris Jericho?

While Dragon has never held a title in Big West to date, he has been constantly featured in many exciting matches. Routinely matched up against newcomers, Dragon has schooled numerous young men in the business, continuing to help mold the future of professional wrestling. The entire Okanagan is proud to have such a talented and world-traveled veteran in our midst.

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