13503076_606672742834779_1684322113406324712_oBig West Wrestling was initially planning to have Matt XStatic in town for one final event before he left for India: BOWL-A-RAMA II on August 12 at Lake City Bowling. Unfortunately, this means his current reign as Thrash Tag Team Champion (which he won with Black Dragon in Lumby on June 11), has come to a screeching halt.

While we are sorry to not have Matt around for the next six months or so, we are happy to report that Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm, has brokered a deal with Thrash Wrestling management: on August 12, we will see the Okanagan’s first-ever Tag Team Gauntlet Match…with the winners taking home the vacant Thrash Tag Titles! The rules are as follows: two teams will start the match, with the winning team immediately advancing to face the next team…until one final team is left standing at the end of the night. The order of teams will be drawn at random, and will include the following:

Adult Social Society: Collin Cutler & Shotgun Stevens
Mean Machines: Junior & Senior
Purple Wizards: Nick Radford & Rusty Diamond
Sugar Cousins: Mad Dog & Shane
Tony Cage & Zarif Metovic
Xavier Galaxy & “Gentleman” Jack Nelson

At least two more teams will be added to this huge match, as the final August 12 card takes shape. Black Dragon will also be involved, with an as-yet-unknown partner of his choosing. Stay tuned to the BOWL-A-RAMA II event page on Facebook for more info.


shotgunwinsk5The K5 Medallion is in itself a controversial subject: the fact that a wrestler, by virtue of winning a ladder match in January, can cash in his medallion for an immediate title match at any time…it just isn’t how professional wrestling championships are “supposed” to be won and lost. This year’s K5 winner, Shotgun Stevens, has created even more controversy with his behavior since cashing in on May 20: not only by immediately going on vacation and missing the June 17 event, but by assaulting Mike Shreddz to open the July 15 CRAZY FROM THE HEAT IV event, injuring the Number One Contender’s shoulder and causing him to miss the evening’s Main Event title tilt. To further the controversy, Shotgun would end up purposefully losing via disqualification to Matt XStatic, Shreddz’ hand-picked replacement in said Main Event.

And it would be remiss to not also add that to end the show, Sugar Shane would brutally assault “Dastardly” Danni Deeds, further delaying Danni’s return to action. Clearly, the Big West roster is out of control, and an emergency Board Of Directors meeting was called this morning to address the madness. The meeting itself quickly dissolved into chaos, as it was crashed by Mike Rizzo who once again threatened legal action if one of his charges faced disciplinary action; in this instance, Shotgun Stevens and his aforementioned assault on Shreddz.

However, when Rizzo brought to the Board’s attention that Shreddz wrestled less than 24 hours later at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, discussion about Shotugun was hijacked…to the point where some members of the Board were convinced that Shreddz should be the one facing disciplinary action!

“Rizzo could sell ice to an Eskimo,” one Board Member was quoted as saying, after the meeting, “I think he just yelled [the Board members] into submission.”

The final decision was that neither Shotgun or Shane would face disciplinary action for their outbursts at the event. The final decision is that Shreddz’ injury fell within the confines of confrontation at a wrestling event; meanwhile, Shane was theoretically retaliating for Deeds ruining Shane’s July 15 match with “Top Drawer” Michael More, when Deeds had interjected himself as Special Referee. For more information on the Shane/Deeds confrontation on July 15, be sure to check out the upcoming July 25 episode of Big West TV on YouTube.


In the world of professional wrestling, even something as simple as Sunday Brunch can turn into a No Holds Barred battle. Instead of mimosas and Eggs Benny, it was angry words and lawyers on speed dial when the Big West Board of Directors convened on April 17 at an undisclosed downtown Kelowna location.

The meeting was brought on after Managing Partner, Marty Sugar, made the surprise announcement on April 15 at IT’S ALL ABOUT RESPECT 5 that Collin Cutler was being stripped of the Big West Television Title, causing his reign to come to a crashing halt at 216 days: 13 days shy of breaking Cremator Von Slasher‘s record and cementing Cutler’s legacy as greatest champion in Big West Wrestling history. Sugar refused to apologize for the decision.

“Big West has been plagued with unprofessionalism like this in the past,” a defiant Mad Dog barked, “and I’ll be damned if I let it happen again. I won’t let this company and it’s championship be sabotaged, like it was in 2013.

“Is it fair for [Matt XStatic] to win the title this way? Of course not,” Sugar stated, “but Kelowna was promised a title match and they got it. Anyone that thinks they can skip out on an event of mine and get away with it is sadly [expletive deleted] mistaken. Cutler can ask the slag heap of not-so-professional wrestlers that don’t work here anymore.”

While the fans raucously approved XStatic’s big victory over Shotgun Stevens and the meddling Mike Rizzo, it should come as no surprise that all three members of the Adult Social Society were livid. Rizzo wasted no time threatening legal action, and Cutler–who is still in possession of the Television Title–suggested he would sell the championship online to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, Big West’s Board of Directors were also concerned with Sugar’s verbal tirade to open the April 15 event. Sources indicate that while the Board did agree with Cutler being stripped of the title for failing to get advanced approval for missing the show, they collectively felt that Marty Sugar’s actions came off as less professional and more as a personal vendetta.

“Marty Sugar is very passionate about professional wrestling,” one board member stated, requesting anonymity, “he’s definitely nicknamed Mad Dog for a reason. But at the end of the day, a certain level of decorum is expected; even within the wild and unpredictable world of professional wrestling.”

Just this afternoon, Big West was finally able to organize a lawyer-free luncheon with Sugar and Rizzo at the center of it. The following key issues were resolved:

1. Collin Cutler would agree to relinquish the Television Title to Matt XStatic, but only if done privately and away from both live crowds and the cameras;
2. Marty Sugar would relinquish his role as “Managing Partner” and was cleared to return to full-time wrestling;
3. Both Mike Rizzo and Collin Cutler would drop potential litigation against Big West Wrestling; and,
4. A new Managing Partner will be announced next month.

Discounted tickets for our May 20 event at Lake City Bowling will be available at the Kelowna Invasion event on May 6 at Rutland Centennial Hall, where numerous current and former Big West stars will be in attendance. The show is headlined by WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley, and the Midget Wrestling Warriors. For last-minute Invasion tickets, please head to the Invasion Championship Wrestling website.


Due to a scheduling conflict, Krystal cannot attend IT’S ALL ABOUT RESPECT 5 on Friday, April 15 at Lake City Bowling in Kelowna. However, Big West management was quick to replace her with the rookie Waspette, who will face Bambi Hall one-on-one that night. This will be the Waspette’s first match in Kelowna; she debuted for Big West during the WE MUST BE MANIACS tour of Bella Coola back in November, and surprised the more experienced Hall by winning one of the two singles matches these two fighting females had against each other!

Happy Birthday, CHAMP!


Cremator is the champToday is the fourth anniversary of the day our beloved Big West Television Title was created, by CW Belts & Gimmicks in Port Alberni. Since its inception, some fans (and even more critics) have asked the question: but why is it the TELEVISION title?

Shortly after its inception on November 11, 2011, Big West was put in contact with a cable station based out of Valemount, on the eastern border of British Columbia…about 320km from Kamloops. They were interested in a 30-minute wrestling program to fill some timeslots; meanwhile, Big West was in discussion with Shaw Cable in Kelowna about doing something similar. With that in mind, the “Television” moniker seemed more than fitting. However, as often happens with independent wrestling: things don’t always go as planned. Management changes in Valemount, and mounting production hassles, lead to the television project being scrapped in May of 2012, with only three episodes being produced.

It only took four years, but Big West is finally back on YouTube with another attempt at weekly television. Be sure to check it out every Wednesday, conveniently linked on our MEDIA page!


cutlersmirkingchampLike a hungry mountain lion stalks its prey, “Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler paces the Big West locker-room before the B.A.M.M. event on February 12. Although the Big West Title is not on the line this specific night, Cutler has the belt firmly in his grasp as he mentally prepares for the tag team Main Event match that would ultimately explode into chaos. Cutler has been to the top of the Big West rankings before, for 17 weeks back in 2012-13, but that was a different Collin Cutler: a younger, kinder version…and ultimately, that title reign ended with little fanfare almost two years to the day of this specific February event. These days, however, Cutler is anything but kind, and his second run as champion is anything but quiet.

Cutler is at that strange “middle stage” of an independent wrestler’s career, one jokingly referred to backstage as “the grizzled eight-year vet.” It’s a time when a wrestler turns the corner and begins to come of age; where younger wrestlers look up to you, and where veteran wrestlers are more willing and able to accept you as an equal. Prior to 2015, Cutler was first viewed in Big West as the lovable underdog, and then later as “the other half of Cougar Meat,” when Kyle Sebastian was being touted as the headliner of that controversial tag team tandem. With Sebastian focusing more on fatherhood in 2015, Cutler finally showed he was ready to accept the role of leader in Big West: not only of his very own faction, the Adult Social Society, but as the face of the company as reigning Big West Champion.

But as 2015 drew to a close, Cutler once again found himself passed by when it came time for year-end awards: for the second straight year, he was second runner-up for Wrestler Of The Year, despite maintaining a firm grip on the Big West Title and routinely having show-stealing matches on each and every Big West card. The question one has to ask, is what else does Collin Cutler have to do, to prove his greatness and cement his legacy as the greatest wrestler in company history?

One thing is clear, is that Cutler’s current run as champion is one of the best ever: regardless of who is or isn’t in his corner, Cutler is closing in on Cremator Von Slasher‘s record of 226 consecutive days with the title. By the time HURTS SO GOOD 5 rolls around on March 18, Cutler will have the third-longest reign in company history…only one day behind “Dastardly” Danni Deeds, which makes the title bout between Cutler and Deeds on that night even more intriguing: not only does Deeds finally get a one-on-one chance to regain the title he lost a year ago, but he also has a chance to decisively end Cutler’s march to record-setting glory, and prove Cutler’s doubters right.

Is Cutler more than a “second runner-up” type of guy? Only time will tell.


As mentioned a few days ago, Big West management was bombarded with complaints and controversy after the 2015 Year-End Awards were announced. Granted, much of the controversy and online furor was caused by all three members of the Adult Social Society (Collin Cutler, Shotgun Stevens and Mike Rizzo), but the fans also weighed in with their comments and concerns. Big West management firmly stands behind all of the award-winners of 2015, and no changes whatsoever will be made; however, going forward a new cumulative system will be put in place to show the fans and the wrestlers just how certain conclusions will eventually be made when 2016 comes to a close.

Each month, in our RANKINGS section, we will include our “Three Stars” and our “Match Of The Month” winners, with explanations as to why those choices were made. It will be an excellent way for both the fans and the wrestlers to see who stacks up, as the year progresses.

Good luck to all of our competitors in 2016!

2015 Year-End Awards

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

BIG WEST MATCH OF THE YEAR: Mike Shreddz vs. Shotgun Stevens (REACH FOR THE SKY II: June 19)
BIG WEST FEUD OF THE YEAR: Adult Social Society vs. NexGen
BIG WEST TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR: Sugar Cousins (Mad Dog & Shane)
MOST POPULAR: Mike Shreddz
MOST HATED: Shotgun Stevens


Unfortunately, Mike Rizzo has issued a formal complaint on behalf of the Adult Social Society, insisting that Collin Cutler and Shotgun Stevens did not win enough awards. A full investigation is being done within the home office; more info will be available, shortly.


slave2While warming up before BIRTHDAY BASH IV on Friday, November 13, Slave severely injured his left knee. The injury has required surgery, and will unfortunately leave him out of action for quite some time. This injury is a reminder to any and all fans that injuries DO happen in the wrestling business, even during training, and from sometimes the simplest of exercises…we can’t stress enough that professional wrestling should not be attempted at home, etc.

Not only will Slave be out of action for the time being, but his big “Christmas Chaos” match with “Top Drawer” Michael More will now need to see a replacement take Slave’s place. More is already insisting that Slave is faking his injury to avoid another loss from his long-time rival, and is bragging that nobody in the Okanagan is brave enough to fight him in a hardcore match…be it a Christmas-themed one, or otherwise.

“I’m the Celebrity from B.C. and I’m MORE than you’ll ever be,” More screamed, “and anyone that steps into the ring with me at SANTA SLAM IV on December 11, better be prepared for the worst Christmas ever; they’ll be eating their Christmas goodies through a straw, when I’m done with them!”

Two Days In September

On Friday, September 11, Big West Wrestling hosted its first-annual BOWL-A-RAMA bowling tournament at Lake City Bowling & Billiards. The first game was tightly contested (Shotgun Stevens bested Mike Shreddz by only a single point), but Shotgun poured it on in the second game to easily win the tournament by 46 points…

1. Shotgun Stevens: 138-126 (264)
2. Mike Shreddz: 129-89 (218)
3. Krystal Dye: 107-88 (195)
4. Mean Machine, Jr: 88-105 (193)
5. Rusty Diamond: 90-97 (187)
6. Michael More: 91-86 (177)
7. Collin Cutler: 65-99 (164)
8. Mean Machine, Sr: 70-81 (151)
9. Sugar Shane: 70-64 (134)
10. Mad Dog: 43-60 (103)

On Saturday, September 12, Shotgun Stevens looked to add the Okanagan Cup to his 2015 trophy collection; while “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar dedicated the tournament to his mother, who passed away last month. Also, there was a surprise return of a Future Legend, and so much more…

1. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL: Shotgun Stevens defeated “Top Drawer” Micheal More.
2. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL: Krystal tapped out Mean Machine, Jr.
3. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL: “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar defeated Mean Machine, Sr.
4. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL: Sugar Shane pinned Rusty Diamond.
5. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL: Shotgun Stevens pinned Krystal.
6. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL: “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar defeated Sugar Shane, winning a battle of dueling Muzzles.
7. FOR THE BIG WEST TITLE: “Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler pinned Mike Shreddz, after outside interference from Kyle Sebastian.
8. NON-TOURNAMENT TRIPLE-THREAT: Justin Alexander defeated Nick Radford and Slave, stealing the win from his own tag partner.
9. OKANAGAN CUP TOURNAMENT FINALE: “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar pinned Shotgun Stevens, after outside interference from Mike Shreddz.

Mad Dog was in tough against the younger, bigger, and stronger Shotgun; and when Mad Dog fought back, out came Cutler and Sebastian to draw a distraction. However, Sugar Shane and Mike Shreddz made the save, and during the ensuing melee, Shreddz laid out Shotgun and dragged an unconscious Mad Dog on top of him for the emotional victory!