COUGAR MEAT: They’re bad…they’re nationwide?

10872925_382695348565854_4419436565614128331_o Big changes are in store for the Cougar Meat tandem of Collin Cutler & Kyle Sebastian, as word on the street is “The Future Legend” is relocating away from the Okanagan. With the duo splitting up, geographically, it means that there might be spots available in the group to ensure dominance throughout Western Canada. With Cutler the reigning Number One Contender to the Big West Television Title, after winning the Okanagan Cup in December, will we see him with a new partner in crime in Kelowna over the coming months? We do know that Cutler isn’t happy that “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar gets the first shot at “Dastardly” Danni Deeds and the title at BAD TO THE BONE, and we wonder how that will play out on February 20 at Lake City Bowling & Billiards.  Better grab your tickets soon, and make sure you don’t miss out on the pending fireworks!

Bonding Time…

This disturbing video link was emailed to Big West Wrestling officials recently. Viewer discretion is advised…



Cremator Von Slasher

The 2014 Big West Wrestling season began the same way that 2013 did: with the Von Slasher clan causing mayhem and destruction. This year, KC Spinelli and Andy The Dreadful Bird were the primary victims, at the January 24 HERE WE GO! event at Lake City Bowling in Kelowna. In the first Main Event of the year, Cremator Von Slasher (pictured) battled a game Bird, but outside distractions from the pesky Rigor Von Slasher and a thunderous “Incinerator” chokeslam left Andy laying, and Cremator still with the Big West Television Championship in his iron grasp.

Meanwhile, Spinelli and Riea Von Slasher continued their brutal 2013 Feud Of The Year, one that has spread through three wrestling promotions and garnered serious internet attention. This time, it was under “Tables Match” rules, and it looked like Spinelli was about to win another one: she had Riea on a table outside the ring, and was prepared to pounce off the top turnbuckle…but then Cremator and Rigor struck, handcuffing Spinelli and helping Riea drag her out of the building! As the fans sat in shocked silence, and the match was thrown out as a No-Contest, Riea stuffed Spinelli into a waiting car and sped off into the Kelowna night! Neither woman returned before the end of the show, and neither woman can be reached at this time. Where is Riea, and where is Spinelli…and is she safe?

For her actions, Riea has been suspended from Big West for 60 days; but the Von Slasher boys are still stirring the pot. At the end of HERE WE GO! they challenged “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar & Ritchie Destiny to a tag bout in the very near future. Destiny and Sugar formed an impromptu team on January 24 to battle “The Family Jules” duo of Meniac M.D. & Raunchy Jules…and came up short, after dirty tricks from The Family. Post-match communication nearly brought Destiny and Sugar to blows, and Cremator decided to prey on that: as both men saved Andy Bird from a post-match assault on January 24, Cremator issued the tag challenge: not only questioning Sugar’s ability to maintain ANY friends in the wrestling business, but stating that “no bond is stronger than family.”

It remains to be seen if this potential tag team tilt will happen at the February 28 HURTS SO GOOD III event at Lake City, which is already headlined by Big West’s first-ever “Fans Bring The Weapons” Battle Royale.


Big thanks to Chantele Thiessen for  helping us get back up and running with a new look. We appreciate your patience as we get all the pieces put back together.