Wild Okanagan Weekend!

thiessenjarretThe group behind the “Kelowna Invasion” fundraising supershows were at it again this week: Thursday, April 9 in Vernon and Friday, April 10 in Rutland. Both shows were headlined by the legendary Jeff Jarrett, and Big West Wrestling was honored to have such a major role in both sold-out evenings.

Thursday saw Adam Ryder take a big win over the amazing Billy Suede, while Mike Shreddz showed grit and determination in a triple-threat match against the talented Tony Baroni and the veteran Nelson Creed; a match that ultimately was won by Baroni. Cougar Meat (Collin Cutler & Kyle Sebastian) reunited and used the help of Adult Social Society teammate, Shotgun Stevens, to win a Triangle Tag Match that included DTA (Danny Adonis & Jordie Taylor) and the Bollywood Lions (Gurv & Harv Sihra). Cougar Meat last eliminated the Sihras, and Shotgun joined in on a post-match assault, before Jeff Jarrett made the save and Stevens was left with an injured shoulder.

Meanwhile, in the featured Six-Man Grudge Match, the Big West team of The Sugar Cousins (Mad Dog & Shane) and the Big West Champion, Bishop, failed to work together against the cohesive Thrash Wrestling trio of Slave, Black Dragon, and the Thrash Champion, Michael More. Not only could the cousins not stop bickering, but a frustrated Bishop ultimately clobbered Mad Dog and walked out in disgust! Mad Dog would fall victim to double-teaming from Slave and the world-traveled Dragon, and Thrash Wrestling clearly left Vernon looking and feeling good with such a big win over their territorial rivals.

Friday night saw Kelowna’s own “Chosen One,” Mayor Colin Basran, stand tough against the bullying Mike Rizzo, who would end the night unconscious after the more famous “Chosen One,” Jeff Jarrett, shattered a guitar over Rizzo’s skull. Meanwhile, Adam Ryder got a big victory over Kenny Lush in an extremely physical battle, and Cougar Meat (along with Billy Suede) found themselves on the losing end of a thrilling six-man tag match against the Bollywood Lions and Double-J. “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar got a measure of revenge against Black Dragon, getting a roll-up win in a match that was controversially reffed by his own cousin, Sugar Shane; Shane has to battle Dragon on April 17 at “It’s All About Respect IV,” at Lake City Bowling, so we will see how angry Dragon is next Friday.

But the big news for Big West was the surprise announcement that Bishop was being forced to defend the Big West Television Title against Mike Shreddz, a week earlier than expected. Bishop was angry and aggressive, beating Shreddz from pillar to post; but Shreddz was game, and he wouldn’t give up. In the end, Shreddz dug down deep and got the win, to become two-time Champion, in front of a capacity crowd that blew the roof off when their hometown boy took home the title!

Big West Wrestling would like to thank the Invasion team for having us, and we look forward to their big return to the Okanagan this autumn!


After raising $115 for the YMCA Megathon in February, Big West Wrestling continues its tradition of charitable works: the Kelowna-based wrestling promotion, that puts on monthly events at Lake City Bowling, is collecting non-perishable food items for the Food Bank at their next event on Friday, April 17. Everyone that donates will receive raffle tickets for various prizes, many of which will be donated by local merchants.

This food drive is being spear-headed by local wrestler, Mike Shreddz, who is also slated for a big rematch with Bishop on April 17, for the Big West Television Title. Shreddz actually won the title on February 20, but was cheated out of the belt later that same evening by Bishop, a 13-year wrestling veteran who goaded the second-year star into putting his new championship on the line at the spur of the moment. In a rematch on March 20, Shreddz had nearly regained the title when Bishop purposefully got himself disqualified to retain his championship. Due to this behavior, Big West management has decreed that their April 17 rematch at Lake City will allow the title to change hands on a disqualification: a dramatic alteration to the rules of professional wrestling, where championships cannot normally be won in such fashion.

Meanwhile on April 17, Danni (Dastardly) Deeds and Kelowna’s Marty (Mad Dog) Sugar bring their long-standing feud to a conclusion with a Lumberjack Match. Since last September, every battle between Deeds and Sugar has resulted in excessive brawling outside the ring; this time, wrestlers will surround ringside to ensure the two men stay in the ring and settle things, once and for all.

Other action sees the 2015 Grapple Bowl winner, Sugar Shane, battling the 25-year veteran, Black Dragon. Also on hand will be Kelowna’s Collin (Cougar Meat Kid) Cutler, and Oregon’s exciting NexGen trio of Justin Alexander, Nick Radford, and Krystal Dye. The hated Rigor Von Slasher will also be on hand, not only managing Danni Deeds, but bringing the violent Hellion to town for battle.

Advance tickets for this family-friendly event are available at Lake City Bowling, Players Choice Sportscards & Collectibles, Sun City Vapors, and Pacific Northwest Indoor Gardener. Doors open at 7:30pm, and heavily-discounted tickets will be available at the door for those that bring their ticket stubs from the Kelowna Invasion show that’s happening on April 10 at Rutland Centennial Hall. For more information, contact Big West via email at or via the Big West Wrestling page on Facebook.

10682412_413642038804518_1353634856503154772_o Bishop (left) and Mike Shreddz continue to battle over the Big West Television Title on Friday, April 17 at Lake City Bowling. Click the image for event information!

Sweet Silence?

10981365_413633912138664_3302246019174746075_oOn Friday, February 20, at Big West’s Bad To The Bone event, “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar was looking to celebrate his 40th birthday by becoming a two-time Television Champion in a long-awaited rematch with “Dastardly” Danni Deeds; instead, a match that spun out of control saw Mike Shreddz cash in his K-5 Medallion to win the title. While Shreddz would later be cheated out of the title that very night in a hard-fought match with BISHOP, Mad Dog would focus his frustration on the Special Referee of his title tilt: his own cousin, Sugar Shane. While Shreddz celebrated his title win, Mad Dog slapped Shane (and not for the first time), only to have his larger cousin fight back…as the picture can attest. Mad Dog challenged his cousin to a fight, but Shane refused to answer, even after the show was over:

Mad Dog is now part of a Four-Way Elimination Match for the Big West Television Title at Hurts So Good IV on March 20 at Lake City Bowling (with Shreddz, Deeds and Bishop), while Shane finds himself teaming with West Coast Warrior in a match with the Mean Machines; but Mad Dog still wants his cousin in a fight. The question is, will Mad Dog get the family fight he craves…and will his current anger with his cousin ruin his focus on regaining the Television Title he’s desperately wanted back since last autumn? Shane is still refusing to comment on this explosive family situation, but maybe the “Fans Bring The Weapons” Grapple Bowl Main Event might settle a few things between the Sugar Cousins? We’ll see what unfolds on March 20 at Lake City!

(Please click the thumbnail photo for a direct link to event!)

Chair Shots!

Big West had reached a verbal agreement with a couple in Kettle Valley for 30 new chairs, which were almost picked up in time for “Bad To The Bone” on February 20. Logistics kept the chairs from being picked up that weekend, and sadly, the verbal agreement has been violated: the people in Kettle Valley failed to hold the chairs for Big West, and then tried to inflate the price for the few they had remaining. As you can imagine, we at Big West are very disappointed.

But never fear…we are still on the case! Stay tuned.

15 To Watch in 2015

15. Cremator Von Slasher
Cremator Von Slasher
Last March, after losing the Big West Title in Osoyoos, Cremator Von Slasher found himself suspended from Big West indefinitely by then-Commissioner, West Coast Warrior: not surprising when he trashed the dressing room after the show! When Warrior stepped down from his post at the end of 2014, the new Championship Committee decided to remove all past suspensions…and there are sinister whispers that the longest-reigning Big West Television Champion in history might return for some measure of revenge on the promotion he enjoyed terrorizing for several years.

But while Cremator was gone, his little brother, Rigor, aligned himself with “Dastardly” Danni Deeds and the House of Hell…a group of men that Cremator has violently feuded with the past few years. Will the Von Slasher Family reunite to run roughshod over Big West once again, or will Cremator find himself the odd man out? Or can he actually get along with the House Of Hell and put aside old grudges going into 2015? We shudder at the thought of the House adding a 6-foot-10 masked madman to the fold…

The Word On The Bird

10941016_398470850321637_5737014661363203753_nWe’ve gotten some breaking news out of Birdland, and sadly: we almost mean that literally.  On Friday, January 16 at REACH FOR THE SKY, Andy The Dreadful Bird suffered a dislocated rib and will be out of action for an indefinite period of time.

While everyone knows Andy for being a high-flying and fun-loving wrestler from Pukkaluck County, it’s imperative that we make mention the true strength and determination Andy possesses: the injury was suffered BEFORE he went “beak to nose and talons to toes” with four other men in the grueling K5 Ladder Match main event!

The injury puts on hold several Big West matches Andy was scheduled to have in the first few months of 2015, including a tag team rematch of The Mean Machines against the Pukkaluck Express (Bird & KROFTON), as well as a much-deserved second shot at the Big West Television Title. We wish Andy a speedy recovery, and a return to the Okanagan very soon!

COUGAR MEAT: They’re bad…they’re nationwide?

10872925_382695348565854_4419436565614128331_o Big changes are in store for the Cougar Meat tandem of Collin Cutler & Kyle Sebastian, as word on the street is “The Future Legend” is relocating away from the Okanagan. With the duo splitting up, geographically, it means that there might be spots available in the group to ensure dominance throughout Western Canada. With Cutler the reigning Number One Contender to the Big West Television Title, after winning the Okanagan Cup in December, will we see him with a new partner in crime in Kelowna over the coming months? We do know that Cutler isn’t happy that “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar gets the first shot at “Dastardly” Danni Deeds and the title at BAD TO THE BONE, and we wonder how that will play out on February 20 at Lake City Bowling & Billiards.  Better grab your tickets soon, and make sure you don’t miss out on the pending fireworks!

Bonding Time…

This disturbing video link was emailed to Big West Wrestling officials recently. Viewer discretion is advised…



Cremator Von Slasher

The 2014 Big West Wrestling season began the same way that 2013 did: with the Von Slasher clan causing mayhem and destruction. This year, KC Spinelli and Andy The Dreadful Bird were the primary victims, at the January 24 HERE WE GO! event at Lake City Bowling in Kelowna. In the first Main Event of the year, Cremator Von Slasher (pictured) battled a game Bird, but outside distractions from the pesky Rigor Von Slasher and a thunderous “Incinerator” chokeslam left Andy laying, and Cremator still with the Big West Television Championship in his iron grasp.

Meanwhile, Spinelli and Riea Von Slasher continued their brutal 2013 Feud Of The Year, one that has spread through three wrestling promotions and garnered serious internet attention. This time, it was under “Tables Match” rules, and it looked like Spinelli was about to win another one: she had Riea on a table outside the ring, and was prepared to pounce off the top turnbuckle…but then Cremator and Rigor struck, handcuffing Spinelli and helping Riea drag her out of the building! As the fans sat in shocked silence, and the match was thrown out as a No-Contest, Riea stuffed Spinelli into a waiting car and sped off into the Kelowna night! Neither woman returned before the end of the show, and neither woman can be reached at this time. Where is Riea, and where is Spinelli…and is she safe?

For her actions, Riea has been suspended from Big West for 60 days; but the Von Slasher boys are still stirring the pot. At the end of HERE WE GO! they challenged “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar & Ritchie Destiny to a tag bout in the very near future. Destiny and Sugar formed an impromptu team on January 24 to battle “The Family Jules” duo of Meniac M.D. & Raunchy Jules…and came up short, after dirty tricks from The Family. Post-match communication nearly brought Destiny and Sugar to blows, and Cremator decided to prey on that: as both men saved Andy Bird from a post-match assault on January 24, Cremator issued the tag challenge: not only questioning Sugar’s ability to maintain ANY friends in the wrestling business, but stating that “no bond is stronger than family.”

It remains to be seen if this potential tag team tilt will happen at the February 28 HURTS SO GOOD III event at Lake City, which is already headlined by Big West’s first-ever “Fans Bring The Weapons” Battle Royale.


Big thanks to Chantele Thiessen for  helping us get back up and running with a new look. We appreciate your patience as we get all the pieces put back together.