Hellion debuted on February 20, 2015, a masked madman under the control of Rigor Von Slasher. As part of the House Of Hell, Hellion found himself embroiled that year in a violent feud with Thrash Wrestling mainstays, “Top Drawer” Michael More and Slave. Injuries would hinder Hellion’s visits to Kelowna; when he returned in 2016, he had transformed into an unmasked loverboy…to the shock of everyone. Hellion is a talented competitor, who looks to finish up 2016 strong, and make serious waves in Big West in 2017.

Diablo debuted at the 2013 Rutland May Days, and wowed the crowds with his high-flying athleticism. Routinely the underdog, the diminutive El Diablo was sure to give it his all in the ring, win or lose. The 2013 Newcomer Of The Year will fondly be remembered as one of the most exciting wrestlers in company history.

Rigor Von Slasher was in the very first match in company history: November 11, 2011, when he lost to the much larger Mean Machine, Sr. Not to take the loss quietly, Rigor quickly recruited big brother Cremator to avenge the loss; and Cremator did, quickly and painfully. This opened the floodgates of evil, as Rigor first attacked Big West with his Von Slasher family, and later his menagerie of freaks known as The House of Hell. Along the way, feuding with the likes of “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, Mike Shreddz, and the “Thrash Wrestling Originals,” Rigor would manage two of the longest-reigning Big West Television Champions in history, and twice be named Big West’s Most Hated.

The son of the original Mean Machine, “Junior” found himself in a high-profile feud in 2015 against Krystal, and became the self-professed “chairman” of Big West Wrestling. While never the most successful wrestlers, on paper, the Mean Machines are never a group to be taken lightly. After being embarrassed at the 2016 Rutland Rumble, the Machines are laying low…but for how long?

Galaxy debuted on January 20, 2016, losing a K5 Qualifying Match to the much larger Shotgun Stevens. After taking a moment to regroup, the controversial rookie returned in May with a vengeance: he instantly targeted such veterans as Black Dragon and “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, and was able to embarrass them both this year. Galaxy and his “Constellation” tag partner, “Black” Jack Nelson, would also defeat the self-professed Big West World Tag Champions, the Purple Wizards, in August; sending that popular duo into an emotional tailspin. Meanwhile, his feud with The Mad Dog and their “Trick Or Treat” Match in October was something else. Big things are surely on the horizon for Galaxy, throughout the province, in 2017.



ryderThe very first Main Event in Big West history starred Adam Ryder: he came within inches of besting Vance Nevada on November 11, 2011, to win the vacant ASW Trans-Canada Title. From 2011-2014, Ryder was routinely named as the most underrated wrestler in all of Western Canada; during that time, he had thrilling matches in Big West with the likes of Black Dragon, Bobby Sharp, Kyle Sebastian, Tony Baroni, and the 2013 Match Of The Year, with Mentallo.

Ryder would never win the Big West Television Title, but he routinely was in major championship battles with Collin Cutler, Sebastian, and Cremator Von Slasher. He also won the 2014 Okanagan Cup and the 2015 King of Bella Coola tournament.

While distance and scheduling have kept Ryder out of Big West action for quite some time, his matches here are fondly remembered.



shreddzWithout question, no wrestler has ever been as popular in Big West history than Shreddz. With his purple mohawk, his chiseled physique, and his infectious energy, Mike has accumulated a following of SHREDDIEZ faithful that is the backbone of the Big West fanbase.

Shreddz exploded on the scene in 2014, quickly becoming Newcomer Of The Year. In 2015 he was a dominant choice for Wrestler Of The Year, having amazing matches with Bishop, Collin Cutler and the “Match Of The Year” with Shotgun Stevens. He also became a two-time champion in 2015, winning the biggest title match in company history at Kelowna Invasion IV on April 10, 2015, in front of over 500 fans at an overstuffed Rutland Centennial Hall.

2016 has not been kind to Shreddz, as injuries have left him on the shelf for much of the year. He has had two MOTY candidates with Matt XStatic, however; and has vowed on November 11 to not only return to Big West…but return with a vengeance, to punish Shotgun Stevens for injuring him in the first place!


dragonBlack Dragon has been referred to as “The Living Legend” in the Okanagan, and with good reason: debuting in 1987, very few wrestlers in Western Canada can claim to have traveled and done more in this business than this man.

It’s easy for younger generations to forget, or simply be completely clueless, but Black Dragon’s contributions to this business are legendary: year after year he was considered the best wrestler in the entire Pacific Northwest, as his exploits from Vancouver to Portland were legendary…both in and out of the ring. And how many indy wrestlers do you know are credited with kick-starting the career of Chris Jericho?

While Dragon has never held a title in Big West to date, he has been constantly featured in many exciting matches. Routinely matched up against newcomers, Dragon has schooled numerous young men in the business, continuing to help mold the future of professional wrestling. The entire Okanagan is proud to have such a talented and world-traveled veteran in our midst.



shotgunThe Okanagan has it’s fair share of talented and prolific wrestlers, but nobody has risen quicker to fame and fortune than the brash rookie from Salmon Arm. Standing 6-foot-5, Shotgun Stevens made an intimidating presence the moment he debuted in Big West on December 13, 2014. While he would lose to Collin Cutler in his debut, everyone knew the big rookie had something special…including Cutler, himself, as he immediately recruited him to be a part of his new “Adult Social Society” stable.

The move paid off immediately, as Cutler would not only become two-time Big West Television Champion, but would retain the title for a nearly record-breaking 216 days. Not long after seeing his mentor unceremoniously stripped of the championship, Shotgun would make his big move: cashing in the K5 medallion to become Champion on May 20th of this year.

Despite being less than two years in the business, Shotgun has already received numerous awards: 2015 Most Hated Wrestler, 2015 Match Of The Year, 2015 Newcomer Of The Year, and runner-up to 2015 Wrestler Of The Year. He was also in the finals of both the 2015 Okanagan Cup and the 2015 King of Bella Coola tournament, won the inaugural Bowl-A-Rama, and has won the 2015 Rutland Rumble and the 2016 K5 Ladder Match.

What’s left for Shotgun Stevens? 2016 Wrestler Of The Year, if he has his way…



crematorCremator debuted in Big West on January 20, 2012; brought in, initially, by Rigor Von Slasher to handle the bullying tactics of the senior Mean Machine, Cremator gained no fan support for destroying the masked man. Instead, Cremator was instantly feared and disliked by the Kelowna faithful…something the 6-10 monster has embraced during his entire 15-year career.

And for good reason: the Von Slasher family unleashed a reign of violence that lasted for two years, decimating everyone in their path: Tony Baroni, KC Spinelli, “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, Adam Ryder, Andy Bird and so many others fell time and time again to the insane trio. Cremator still holds the record for the longest Big West Television Title reign in history, at 226 days. An exposed turnbuckle in Osoyoos on March 30, 2014, would be Cremator’s undoing, however: not only would he lose the title to “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar via knockout (after Sugar smashed the back of Cremator’s skull into the exposed steel), but a post-match tirade that destroyed the locker room would garner him an indefinite suspension from the company.

Will Cremator return to terrorize the Okanagan once again in the future? Only time will tell. Sometimes nightmares do come true…



deedsDeeds first debuted in Big West in June of 2013, and like everywhere else, he was the lovable nerd that gave it his all with a smile, regardless of usually being the underdog. After nearly a year’s hiatus, however, Deeds returned a much more vicious and sadistic type of man: he quickly defeated “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar to become the Big West Television Champion, and brashly renamed it the “Intellectual Championship” to lord over the fact that he was smarter than everyone else. With the House of Hell in his corner, Deeds looked like he would have an iron grip on the championship; and that was true for 189 days until Mike Shreddz cashed in the first-ever K5 Medallion and ended The Dastardly One’s reign of terror on February 20, 2015.

Deeds has had some violent feuds with “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar, Mike Shreddz, “Top Drawer” Michael More and others during his tenure with Big West Wrestling. In 2016, the fans have come to respect Danni for his dedication and quest to become a two-time Champion; he came close on March 18 against Collin Cutler, until outside interference spoiled those plans. He’s also come close to winning both the Okanagan-Interior and the Thrash Tag Titles, and won the 2016 Rutland Rumble.

Can Deeds become a two-time champion at BIRTHDAY BASH V on November 11? Only time will tell…



spinelliThe lovely and talented Spinelli had been a forgotten commodity on the Vancouver wrestling scene when she debuted with Big West at the inaugural November 11, 2011 event. But her partnerships with KC Andrews in the KC Connection, and with Tony Baroni in La Familia, coupled with a violent feud against Riea Von Slasher, would put her back on the wrestling map in a big way.

Spinelli and Riea would have the first-ever Women’s NO-DQ Match in the Okanagan, as well as the first-ever Women’s Tables Match in British Columbia. Along the way, they were also recognized as the 2013 Feud Of The Year. In 2014, Spinelli would be kidnapped and brainwashed by the Von Slasher Family, and actually became their fourth member! Who knows what horror they could’ve unleashed on British Columbia, if Spinelli hadn’t surprisingly moved back to Ontario? One can only imagine…



bird1When it comes to high-flying popularity in Kelowna, The Bird has definitely been The Word!

Andy debuted in January of 2013, but he really soared at the 53rd Annual Rutland May Days that year, where he embarked on a violent feud with the Von Slasher Family. The long weekend ended with Bird having to run the gauntlet against them; not only did he defeat the Von Slashers, he was the only person to pin the 2013 Wrestler Of The Year, Riea Von Slasher, that weekend! Bird would go on to have some thrilling matches with Adam Ryder during his time with Big West, as well.

One thing Andy was definitely known for in Kelowna was his teamwork: he created two successful and fan-friendly duos with “Mad Dog” Marty Sugar (Hot Dog n’A Shake), and KROFTON (Pukkaluck Express), that thrilled the Big West faithful. A shoulder injury suffered at the first K5 event on January 16, 2015, put Andy on the shelf for an extended amount of time; since then, he has been so busy with his amazing Bird’s Nest outreach program that his trips to Kelowna have unfortunately been greatly reduced. We hope to have him back in 2017…and beyond!



xstaticXStatic was a rookie, only a few months into the business, when he wrestled at the first-ever Big West event on November 11, 2011. He put up a valiant effort against the controversial Tony Baroni, but came up short due to dirty tactics from the NWA Canadian Champion. XStatic would only have a handful of matches with Big West between 2012-2014, before becoming a regular member of the roster in 2015.

From December 2015 through July 2016, XStatic was a workhorse in Kelowna: leading the fight against the Adult Social Society and striving to take the title off Collin Cutler. Matt also took time to have two MOTY-candidate battles with Mike Shreddz, where the two exchanged wins in the fight to become Number One Contender to the Big West Television Title. XStatic won the first encounter and would defeat Shotgun Stevens for the vacant title on April 15, 2016 (after Cutler was stripped for failing to make a flight back from Las Vegas). A Lumberjack Match with Collin Cutler on May 20 saw XStatic retain the title in a hard-fought battle…only to be blindsided by Shotgun Stevens, who cashed in the K5 Medallion to win the title and end the show on a sour note for XStatic fans.

A second Number One Contender match between Shreddz and XStatic saw Shreddz get the win, only to be forced to forfeit his title shot on July 15 due to injury at the hands of Shotgun Stevens; XStatic would be Mike’s hand-packed replacement, and XStatic would beat Shotgun by DQ that very night. But that would XStatic’s last night in Big West Wrestling, as he would fly out to India to work for The Great Khali and his Continental Wrestling Entertainment promotion, as bother a trainer and a wrestler. When XStatic returns in early 2017, we expect him to jump right back into the Television Title hunt!