The Kid Calls The Shots

photo by Eric Wolaniuk

“Cougar Meat Kid” Collin Cutler made his long-awaited return to Big West Wrestling on October 13 at the NIGHTMARE ON HWY 97 event; absent since June when he was inexplicably attacked in the parking lot, Cutler had been refused to even attend live wrestling events for fear of further post-concussion issues. Last month we learned from local authorities that “Dastardly” Danni Deeds was the man who attacked Cutler, and Mike Chisholm had promised that Friday the 13th would be Deeds’ day of reckoning.

But while Deeds was expecting a fine, and had lawyers on standby in case he was fired, Chisholm went a different route: the Big West Managing Partner reminded us all that his job is to manage the business, not deal in the ring with wrestlers that may or may not get out of control. So he decided the best course of action was to create a new position in Big West: a Head of Talent Relations, one who knows this business inside and out, and doesn’t have a problem dealing with the egos that are prevalent in every wrestling locker room. That man is the Cougar Meat Kid, himself!

Yes indeed, until Cutler is medically cleared to return to the ring (and as he stated, that date is still a definite unknown), Collin’s involvement will only be as an official…and he wasted no time, interjecting himself as the Special Referee in Danni’s match with rookie Camaro Cope! As to be expected, animosity was running high between Deeds and Cutler, and that was all Cope needed to seize an advantage to score the biggest victory of his young career.

As Deeds fumed, and most certainly skulked off to plot some Dastardly form of revenge, Cutler celebrated his trainee’s impressive victory. The landscape of Big West has clearly changed with Collin Cutler at the helm, and while the future is uncertain…it certainly got a whole lot cuter.

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