Words And Deeds

October 13 is fast approaching and Big West Managing Partner, Mike Chisholm, has promised a final decision will be made on the fate of “Dastardly” Danni Deeds and his Big West Wrestling career. As we all saw at 2 HOT 2 HANDLE on August 18, Deeds lost his temper after losing his chance to regain the Big West Television Title, and dropped Chisholm with a nasty stunner.

Obviously, the Board of Directors felt Deeds needed some time off from this overheated situation, and he was noticeably absent from the SICK OF YOU IV event on September 15…but he was still a hot topic of discussion, as Big West was informed by local authorities that he was pegged as the person who attacked Collin Cutler back before the BOWL-A-RAMA III event on June 16. Cutler still has not been medically cleared to wrestle after that assault, and his absence has been strongly felt both in the ring and as a locker room leader.

This has made the Deeds situation even more concerning than it was, and Big West has some serious things to consider in regards to Deeds’ future involvement with the company. While it’s easy for an outsider to say “Well, so-and-so used to attack the boss all the time back in the day,” this is 2017 and wrestling attitudes, ideas and behaviors are always changing and evolving.

Regardless of management’s decision, Deeds will not have an easy night: he is slated to face talented rookie, Camaro Cope, who demanded the match after learning Deeds had injured his trainer and mentor. Win or lose, the NIGHTMARE ON HWY 97 event on October 13 could have a frightening conclusion for Danni Deeds.

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